Another sign of a good leader is that he leads by example. Instead of just issuing orders or asserting his leadership, he shows the way by first doing things himself. He does not consider himself to be better than everybody else and feels a sense of belonging with the team he leads.

Does not worry about position

A good leader is well aware that the respect he gains through virtues is very different from the respect acquired through the position he enjoys. He knows that the respect brought by position is short-lived and temporary. Being the chairman of a committee or a president of another are temporary phases. Positions come and go. But the respect that he gets for being a nice person, for his virtues and attitude, is authentic and long lasting.

Has sharp observation, perception and expression

A good leader takes the responsibility to ensure that people understand what he wants to say. To express yourself effectively you need right observation and perception. This depends on your ability to see the situation from other peoples’ points of view and get a multi-dimensional understanding of a situation or a person. When a leader develops patience to listen keenly to those working under him, his power to express himself grows naturally. Spiritual practices bring contentedness, patience and sharpness in observation, perception and expression.

Competes with self and not with others

One who is centred and has a broad vision doesn’t look at others for comparison or competition. You only have to enhance your own creativity. If at all you want to compete, just compete with yourself — see how well you did last year, how much more you want to do this year. Focus on enhancing your own capabilities. It is like running a race — when you run, you should not look to your sides. If you do, trying to see who is running faster, then you will lose the race. Your eyes should be focused only on your track and you should give your 100%. And then, you will see that whether you win or lose, you are happy.